A world which looks so serene yet screams

Ever wondered how to live a life,

If only we could get a manual to get though all the tides..

The society drags us into their hoe,

To be like them and act like a total ass-hole.

People think you are harsh and mean,

They’ll bully you if you are lean..

Their world goes around their pre-developed thought,

And anything new/different is not easily bought.

But, never be afraid to follow your heart,

You are unique and should play your own part..

You can be whatever you want,

Don’t worry, even if the society daunt.

People are mean and selfish,

They’ll use you and treat like rubbish..

They don’t care whether you live or die,

They are like crocodiles and will cry while saying you goodbye.

They got no shame and no guilt upon themselves,

They play the part of monsters that are hidden in the shelves..

So beware of them as you cannot easily recognize,

They are experts in being angels in disguise.

A world which looks so serene yet so screaming,

Where you can be most peaceful when you are sleeping..

Where the only thing that matters is what you think of you,upload.jpg

And how you planned to live that life of yours which is still due.

Beauty and the mustache by Penny Reid (A witty Romantic novel)

Okay, so let’s begin.


U know while reading the summary of the book and after knowing that the guy has a beard, I simply thought against of reading this book. But, then I thought why not give it try, let’s see how it goes and if I like it, maybe I’ll change my perception or not. Whatever.

So, when I started and the story continued with Ashley and her return journey and about her brothers, about her mother and I was still not into it. When she saw 6 guys with beards, I had the same reaction as of her-EEeewww.

The best part of any romantic novel are the stares, the way they express their love, the way they express their love, the way they share kisses, the way they care, the way the voice of the guy creates a hustling in the belly, the way his touches creates Goosebumps, the way their breathing increases, just by looking, the way their emotions are so well connected or heightened and they just cannot stop being in the company of each other.

Let’s bring our focus back on the book.

The main characters-Drew and Ashley were like totally opposite, yet they used to understand each other very well. Like every other good story, they were supposed to be in love and so they did. What I did like the most, was the morality of the guy, how he used to say and mean those words. I guess, that’s defines the integrity of a person and that what attracted me a lot. The silence of the guy intrigued me. Although, that’s not it- let’s not forget about that the guy can play guitar, can sing, is utterly handsome, never fooled around before and is a poet. Dude, the guy has a way with the words, he used to melt my butter too, with just the words and also because, he knows how to keep them. *swoon*

This was indeed a philosophical romance. The way Drew describes Ashley—


“No, Sugar. You are not;
you aren’t any of those things. You are loveliness personified; you
are grace and fascination. I think of you and I stop breathing. I
worry that any movement will steal the image of you from my mind’s
eye. But the memory is a pale, hollow specter to luminous reality.
Because when I see you, when I touch you…. it’s… phenomenal”

Here are some of the poetries that he wrote for Ashley, in his diary and used to call it as field notes.

For Ashley—

Fire burns blue and hot.

Its fair light blinds me not.

Smell of smoke is satisfying, tastes nourishing to my tongue.

I think fire ageless, never old, and yet no longer young.

Morning coals are cool; daylight leaves me blind.

I love the fire most because of what it leaves behind



I caught a bear today in the new trap. We’re taking it a hundred miles north. That’s a hundred miles closer to where you are. I’ve decided units and measurements of distance are bullshit. With you there are only two distances that matter:


Not here.

You are not here.

– Drew

Dear Ashley,

I’ve been reading your e. e. Cummings. I hear your voice in my head when I read his words, and it’s a peculiar kind of torture. I can’t seem to stop doing it. I love your voice, even when it’s a peculiar kind of torture. I miss you in a way that causes words to fail me. They are as inadequate and empty as I am.

I wonder, did you like your body when you were with my body? Do you carry my heart with you (in your heart)? He speaks of carving out places, but I didn’t feel like I was given a choice. I removed nothing. I made no room for you.

Yet you arrived. I saw you. You spoke. That was it. I gave up nothing, but I lost everything.

– Drew


Tonight the silence sounds like a scream. If you were here, we could chase it away with our whispers.

– Drew


I walked to our field today.

It was cold and the flowers are gone.

All color is absent.

Did you take them away when you left?

Why would you do that?

– Drew

For Ashley—

If I told you I love you now

How many seconds would it take

How long would you allow

All that I am to break

I turn away

Before you can see

How badly I need you to stay

With me

He might not have been good at playing make-believe, pretending, or lying, but he was damn good at hiding.

Next best thing, was he never used to lie. Lying is something next to cheating and that trait I admired the most too. In some way, they guy made me feel like me, silent yet ready to talk when comfortable, good at hiding, doesn’t want to pour feelings out-just for the sake of it. Likes to read. Although he was a Nietzsche fan and I didn’t even know who the hell he was. So, in many ways, I was able to relate myself with the guy.

Penny Reid has an amazing sense of humor and good taste for romantic ideas. Seriously, her new series, Elements of Chemistry- Attraction was also simply alluring. Although at a point, I was wondering, why the hell is this girl trusting the guy, but then I thought, life is a game of trust, some works and other teaches a lesson and so it’s worth a try…So, I gave into those thoughts and continued my reading. Seriously, the dancing scene near the cove on the beach they went for spring break, I just cannot get it out of my head, her first orgasm, had caused my pants to get heated up, had given zing in my things. In whatever way, you want to say 😉

Now, reading the next part (Heat)—will express later!

Can you live your life in books?

I don’t how people do it, but they find a way to read books and then come back to their real life like it’s nothing. Like the characters in the book, doesn’t make them feel anything. Like the storyline, doesn’t want them to skip lunch, dinner or even work for that. I mean, I don’t know how people do it, but it is so difficult for me to do so.

I like to read. But now, I have become into a lazy reader, who just reads what she likes and that’s not good, I am telling you. At times, I don’t understand even how I do it, I mean like when I am reading the book, I am all with the characters, all with the storyline, I see nothing but them and even though that makes me really happy, that’s just temporary. After I complete my book and start reading other, my brain kind of forgets about it and start looping into other. I don’t get it, how can you fall in love with one person, after the happy ending, you start falling for other.

Well, you would have predict it by now, that the word “LOVE”, that we use so insignificantly at every other place is not even there. Because, even though I love these characters but I have never fall in love with them, because then they would had been on my mind, heart, soul, everywhere. So, when I love a story, it is not like you want a story like that, but you like that your story is somewhat like that, the traits and personalities of the characters, somewhat matches with you and then that’s what enticing for you and that’s what makes you want to read more and more.

Still, a lazy reader is at no benefit. We got to try other genres to understand the different tastes or shades in life. But, yet there are few names that will always be on my tip of the tongue. There are few names, whose stories I am never going to forget and who are amorous and so loving, that you just cannot let them leave, like the hell they can.

Well, people think I don’t share, that’s the reason I have now started typing. Because, even though I cannot share, at least I can type, because I know, you’ll understand- with no complaints, no demands. Before, I dwell into that…Let’s talk about, why it is not even worth sharing.

Well if I started talking about the guy or the story that I just read, you won’t be interested, because neither do you know them, nor do you understand or love them and I don’t pretty much like when people give me that weird reactions about what I am telling, so I have stopped sharing. Yea, sometimes it feels bad, to not to have a single friend who’ll have your back when you’ll be in need. But, who knows, maybe I am enough, I don’t need anyone, besides I don’t even like being dependable. So, I guess…it’s good just the way my life and I am happy and I am not going to sweat about why I don’t have this or that, because at this moment, what I have- I am grateful for it and don’t wanna change except just me. I know when I say things like this and when it’s difficult for others to understand and all they showers me with is how good you are now, what is the need or the way you are, it’s enough…Don’t you think, I know that, don’t you think that I am pretty smart and I do understand the importance of things that I am saying. Well, last I remember was my friend telling me that I don’t understand and I don’t even listen, Yea, well I don’t regret not telling her my point of view because I knew they’ll never understand, because to be understanding, you should be accepting, at least with me and when you cannot accept the way I am, how will you understand what I am insinuating. Never mind, it’s not because I am depressed or something saying this…because I finally understand one more thing, when it will feel right, nothing will be forced and I am yet to meet that person with whom it will feel right and I just don’t have to stop myself from saying anything that I want to say.

Back to topic, enough with my chanting, well that was basically, because since that day I was not at peace. But now, I am.

Recently, I read Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott…and let me tell you, that was freaking beautiful story too. Even though, the pull between me and the story was not as strong as I have with the book Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. It tuned me right from the starting and not till the end because I am still reading and I don’t know what hold next, so probably after this I am going to go back to my reading.

Even though I love the story and I love the guy but I am not in love with him. Like I have with Cole Stone, when I first read about him, Like I have with Carmine Demarco, when I used to cry whenever he used to be in pain, Like I have with Christian Grey and his deluded ways of having sex . But, what I liked the most about them was that even though they were caring, loving, taking care of what their girl needs, they all knew the importance of the female protagonist in their life, they knew their life without them is something they just cannot imagine, they were so madly in love with them that don’t care even if they hurts their ego or something, they’ll do anything for them and that part, when I say…they’ll do anything for her is my best part and yes, I love them, a lot. I love it the way they smile, the way they cry, the way never hurt the woman they love, the way they hug, the way they kiss, all passionate, sweet and wild, the way they hold each other, the way they connects, the way they stare, the way they understand, the way they speak, the way they laugh, the way their eyes sparkle with excitement or mischief, the way they walk, the way they work so effortlessly, the way they explain, the way they say the truth even if it hurts and the way they are/were…I love everything of them.

That’s why I always say, I might have some connection with the letter C, because I just can’t help falling in love with them.

Good night, birdies!!!

It’s just a phase!!!


Well its gonna be great…
If you set your mind straight…
There are times when you don’t feel good,
You feel like u are totally screwed!

But believe it, Life is a series of phases…
Where you could even blossom like daisies…
Nothing’s is constant just like your age,
And you will soon gonna forget this diminishing phase!

People will try to crush your soul…
But never let their words to touch your goal…
Live your life with a purpose,
And you shall be amazed with your new grownup culture!

Being happy or sad is your own choice…
You just have to trust your own inner voice…
You might not succeed, but that doesn’t matter,
What’s important is you still have a Life to explore for better!

Confusing Things O.o


A place where you could be anything you want to be…
You see what you think you might supposed to see…
You create chaos and might come across as weird,
Things get confusing..because you become the one most feared!

You get upset and think it’s not worth it…
Living in a dilemma and creates trauma bit by bit…
You think you had tried a lot and now it’s time to give up,
It won’t ever work as the solution will always be in the lurk!

Don’t know why it needs to be confusing…
If you wanna talk..just give the right person a ping…
People are loving and helpful,
You can see it for yourself that it is difficult to resist the pull!

Each and every person has a different way to express..
Try to be patient and find a way to caress…
People are special in their own way,
Maybe you’ll meet people who are as crazy as Mr. Grey!